scale 1:33,300
contour interval 20m
27" X 38"
folds to 4.25" X 9"
waterproof and tearproof
full colour
REVISED - second edition
ISBN 978-0-9919479-3-5

Sample of Map


A topographic route map for backcountry skiing in the Duffey Lake area of Southwestern BC
John Baldwin

Duffey Lake describes backcountry skiing and hiking routes to alpine areas accessible from the Duffey Lake area surrounding Cayoosh Pass along Highway 99 in southwestern British Columbia. Routes are marked on a 1:33,300 scale topographic map and include information on ski ascent routes, ski runs, backcountry cabins, popular names, hiking trails, driving distances and parking areas.


  • customized topographic map
  • detailed ski routes
  • backcountry ski runs
  • hiking trails
  • waterproof, tearproof
  • table of slope angle relative to contour spacing
  • 1 km UTM grid lines
  • latitude and longitude
  • based on the detailed TRIM maps
  • metric base map with 20m contours

Duffey Lake is a customized topographic map based on BC Trim Maps.