8.5" X 11"
44 pages
75 colour photographs
2 colour maps
October 2019
ISBN 978-0-920330-77-7
Alpine Club of Canada


The Story of Mountain Explorer John Baldwin
Chic Scott

A Life in the Wild is a biography of John Baldwin written by Chic Scott. The booklet is the Twenty-fifth in the Alpine Club of Canada's Summit Series which recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of exceptional individuals who have, through their achievements as explorers, mountaineers, volunteers, outfitters and storytellers, helped define and shape Canada's unique mountain community.

"Since his teenage years John Baldwin has explored the rugged Coast Mountain Range, climbing 700 peaks, many of them first ascents, and making perhaps one-hundred multi-week, long-distance forays across the icefields and along the ridges of what is one of the last true wilderness areas on earth. Shunning the easy path and forging his own way through some of the roughest geography on the planet. He is a mountaineer and explorer of the first order." Chic Scott

Available free as a pdf or to purchase as a printed copy.

Photo by Linda Bily