Expedition Food List

The following food list has been used on numerous mountaineering and backpacking expeditions. The amounts are for strenuous trips where up to 4000 calories per day are required. The menu is planned for vegetarians but can be easily adapted for other meal plans.

All amounts are per person per day.


cooked breakfast
oatmeal/cornmeal/cream of wheat 70g
raisons etc 30g
brown sugar 20g

Can substiture freeze dried cranberries etc to save weight.

cold breakfast
granola/Alpen 130g

basecamp breakfast
pancake mix 120g
syrup 60ml


bread 130g
cheese 65g
salami or beef jerky 20g
butter 50g (30ml)
mustard (if desired)

Heavy European breads are the best. Sourdough Pumpernickel by Uprising Bakery is my favourite as it keeps well for up to 4 weeks. Crackers and wraps can also be substituted. Salami/beef jerky is extra for those wanting it. Extra butter can be added to dinners.


dried fruit 70g
nuts 30g
sweets/gummi bears 30g
salty/bits & bites 15g (if desired)
chocolate (if desired)


With each dinner
soup 1/2 pkg
seaweed 1/2 sheet

Vegetarian Spaghetti
(makes approximately 1000ml/serving)
spaghetti 125g
lentils 75g
tomato powder 30g
parmesan 25g
dried vegetables 20g

Macaroni and Tuna
(makes approximately 800ml/serving)
macaroni 150g
tuna in can or dried 1/2 can
dried vegetables 20g
pesto powder 5g
cheese powder 25g

can substitute 30g freeze dried chicken instead of the tuna

Mashed Potato & Salmon
(makes approximately 1000ml/serving)
mashed potatoes 125g
canned salmon or landjaeger sausage 75g
dried vegetables 20g

is also good with smoked salmon

Chick Pea Curry
(makes approximately 1000ml/serving)
quinoa 150g
dried canned chick peas 55g
dried vegetables 20g
coconut powder 20g

is also good with rice

Pad Thai
(makes approximately 800ml/serving)
rice noodles 125g
soy protein or canned shrimp 30g
dried vegetables 20g
pad thai sauce

Vegetarian Chili
(makes approximately 1000ml/serving)
rice 150g
dried kidney beans or black bean mix 25g
soy protein 25g
tomato powder 25g
dried vegetables 20g


juice/gatorade/refresh 60g
hot chocolate (if desired) 20g
milk powder 35-50g
brown sugar for tea 30g
vitamins (optional)


butter container
toilet paper 1 roll/week
contact lens cleaning solution 40ml/week
spice kit
water purification


Amount of white gas needed depends on the number of people per stove, temperature, altitude and whether you will need to melt snow for water.

summer - no melting snow 60-100ml/person/day
spring ski traverse - melting snow 120-160ml/person/day
with altitude and cold up to 200ml

140ml/person/day or 1 litre per person per week is a good rule of thumb for ski mountaineering.